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13 Mart 2009 Cuma

Magix Video Pro X

Magix Video Pro x-Profesyonel video montaz programi
MAGIX Video Pro X is a specialist for H(DV)recordings, high-resolution video material, professional special effects, and detailed editing. A flexible user interface and highly developed video technology enable an optimized, customized workflow for perfectly designed videos in brilliant image and sound quality.

Program interface

XDCAM file import

MAGIX Video Pro X supports importing and editing of professional XDCAM material without the need to upgrade.

Records from various sources

Choose one of several optional recording sources like camcorder (DV, HDV, AVCHD, DVD, hard drive, memory card), webcam, TV card, screen capturing or a USB video converter.

Import and export of all important media formats

MAGIX Video Pro X supports all conventional video, audio, and graphics formats, including QuickTime™, Windows Media, AVI, MPEG -1, -2, -4 (AVC), JPEG, TIF, PSD, TGA

Open timeline

Import and edit different video formats in SD or HD resolution like DV, HDV, or AVCHD without having to change the project settings or convert the files into a proprietary intermediate format for long periods of time beforehand.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro project file support

Project files created with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro can be imported directly and seamlessly integrated for further editing in MAGIX Video Pro X.

Exchange with other post-production programs

Import AVI file sequences from compositing programs via integrated alpha channel support. Insert .psd files without converting them directly into your project
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